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Birth date and place 1987, Bucharest, Romania

Member or the Romanian Fine Arts Artists Union (UAP).


2014: Haute École d'Art de Strasbourg, France - (semester Erasmus scholarship, Prof.Coordinators section La Fabrique: Patrick Lang, Gérard Starck )                                                                                                        

2013-2015: Master of Fine Arts - strategies of creation in painting, National Arts University, Bucharest Romania

2012 B.F.A, Bucharest National Arts University , Bucharest Romania - Painting section  

         (Conf. Univ. Dr. Atodiresei Cezar, Asistent Univ. Rădvan Alexandru)

2010-2011 Ecole Superieure d'art et design de Grenoble-Valence, Grenoble, France (2 semesters Erasmus Scholarship, Prof. Coordinator in module Cosmetique et Politique: Abdelkader Damani, Slimane Rais)                                                                                                                                                         

2007- 2008 Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA, USA (painting)

2002-2006 Nicolae Tonitza Fine Arts High School, Bucharest, Romania


2014 Cap Marina Gallery, Monastir, Tunisia                                                                                                                                                 

2013 Ruse Art Gallery, Waste-first stage, Ruse, Bulgaria 

2005 Romanian Cultural Institute of London, "Through the Looking Glass”, London, UK 

2005 Cornerstone Gallery, Liverpool, UK

2005 Turner Sims Concert Hall, Southampton, UK

2005 Instituto Romeno di Cultura e Ricerca Umanistica, Venice, IT


2017 Seabam Gallery, Kube Musette - LOCUS NEMINIS

2016 Annart Gallery, STACKING

2014 Galeria Signum, AFTER ZĂERCS

2014 Orizont Gallery

2013 Metropolis Center, TRANS / FIGURATION

2013 U-ART Gallery, CADMIUM

2012 Melenia Art Gallery, DUST

2011 Orizont Gallery

2010 National Bucharest Opera House, Design Youself project

2010 Melenia Art Gallery

2009 Hard Rock Cafe Restaurant 

2009 Leads center, Running in Circles         

2008 Orizont Gallery

2007 Baku Art Gallery

2006 Romanian National Theatre Hall, Book Festival 4th edition

2006 Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE)

2005 Romanian National Theatre Hall, Book Festival 3rd edition

2004 Metropolitan Center for Youth

1998Ţăndărică Theatre


2015 International Painting Biennial of Chișinău, Republic of Moldova                                                          

2014 Lalit Kala Academy, „3rd Kalanirvana Internation Art Residence”, Bhubaneswar, India                                                                   

2014 National Superior Architecture School of Strasbourg, “We are lying on the beach and dreaming from far about  Aubette”, Strasbourg, France

2013 Galeria e Artit Fier, Apolo Art Colony, Albania

2013 House of Art, International Art Colony of Kicevo, Skopje, Macedonia

2013 „Milorad Corovic“association of visual artist of east Herzegovina, Trebinje, Bosnia Herzegovina

2013Ex Convento dei Francescani Neri, Human Rights, Spechia – Lecce, Italia

2013 Fórum Eugénio de Almeida, Open Doors , Évora, Portugal

2012 Ciminiere di Catania,Stop allo 048 degli oggetti 2ed, Catania, Sicilia, Italy

2012 Galeria A Pedja Acimovic, Second International Watercolor Biennale, Belgrade, Serbia 

2012 Underwater Art Elsahara, Dahab, Egipt

2011 La Boîte Noire de Saint- Priest, Biennale of Contemporary Art in Lyon, Lyon, France

2011 Young Art Show, V-edition, Trebatice, Slovakia

2011 Hungarian Cultural Institute of Sofia, The Old School , Sofia,Bulgaria

2010 Grenoble Town Hall, Urban Mountains, Rhone Alpes, France

2008 Goslarer Museum, Romanians in Goslar, Goslar, Germany

2006 London Internation Gallery of Children Art, co-organiser, A Window onto Romania, London, UK

2004 Nicolae Tonitza” students , Bratislava, Slovakia

2003 Nicolae Tonitza students, Vienna, Austria


2017 Contempora 03, D20, Bucharest

2016 Al.Marghiloman Cultural Center, Acromatic, Buzau

2016 Contempl'art 03, Goldart Auction House

2015 Constantin Brâncuși Hall, selective exhibition of the Chișinău Painting Biennale 2015, Bucharest

2015 Carpați Shopping Center, Comma, Go Art Projects, Sinaia

2015 Punct exhibition, Go Art Projects, Pitești

2015 Căminul Artei Gallery, exhibition of new members of the Romanian Plastic Artists Union in Painting section

2015 Anca Poterașu Gallery, “What About Gregor Samsa”, curated by Ioana Mandeal

2014 Colony Art Gallery, “Un-finished”, exhibition with artist Matei Enric, curator: Raluca Băloiu, Bucharest

2013 Galeria 72 A, “Subjective Histories – Maia Ștefana Oprea, Jan Albu, Matei Enric”,

         curator: M.Munteanu-Sterck, Bucharest

2013 South Danube Museum, Seasons of trees with stories, Calaraşi

2012 The National Museum of Unification in Alba Iulia, Imaginary and illusion, Alba Iulia

2012 Romanian Peasant's Museum, How was it possible ?, Bucharest

2011 Melenia Art Gallery, Ladies and Gentlement 

2010 Museum of Art in Ploieşti, Dan Platon, Ploieşti

2010 The Ark-Center for Contemporary Art, RIVER-independent expressions, Bucharest

2010 Museum of Art in Constanţa, Art Embodiment, Constanţa

2010Bucharest Municipal Museum Symbols, a Journey in Time, Bucharest

2009 Cotroceni National Museum, Balkanic Art Inspirations, Bucharest

2009  Anaid Art Gallery, October, Remember, December,  Bucharest

2009  Vernescu House, Pay it Forward, Bucharest


2016 Massaci, Gabriela, "Maia, the girl from the archive  -revista

2014 Toma, Florin, “ Maia Oprea and Matei Enric – expropriated from the colony ”, Viața Românească nr. 7-8-2014

2013 Mihalca, Laura Lucia, ”Maia Stefana Oprea – An oasis in Romanian contemporary Art”,    

         revista Art Out nr.17, anul 3

2013 Reinhard, Fuchs, WOMEN IN ART Volume I, The Great Female Artists From the Middle Ages to the  Modern Era, Publishing: Berger Verlag, Horn, Austria , ISBN: 978-3-9503574-1-7 

2012 Toma, Florin, Maia Ştefana Oprea – Serious Games on Terror, Viaţa Românească 9-10-2012

2011 Stan, Liviu G., My Motivation Remains the Intense Curiosity, Obiectiv Cultural  nr. 5


2016 AnnArt Prize 2016, offered by AnnArt Foundation for excelency in a visual arts domain

2013 Special Prize in“Global Art Award” Contest Prishtina, Kosovo

2007 American Association of University Women, Best Artist Statement, Women Equity,  Georgia, US

2006 International Festival Caragiale, Excellency prize, Ploieşti

2006 XXIV-th International Painting Competition in Macedonia,  Single Creations, Macedonia

2002 Spring of New Allies, NATO campaign in Romania 

SELECTED RESIDENCIES / Art Camps / Art Colonies

2015 Maternity (ART) Leave, 2 Mai, Romania

2015 Harilaq Kosova Art Festival 4, Kosovo

2015 Kalanirvana Art Residence, Bhubaneswar, India 

2014 Monastir International Festival of Plastic Arts – FIAPM –Monastir, Tunisia

2013 International Zlatograd Art Colony, Bulgaria

2013 International Apolo Art Colony, Albania

2013 International Art Colony of Kicevo, Macedonia

2011 International Art Camp Inter-Art Aiud, XVIth edition, Aiud, Alba county, Romania

2010 The Old School Art Residence, Gorna Lipnitsa, Bulgaria

2010 R.I.V.E.R workshop and exhibition, Lodz, Poland;  project cofinanced by the European Union  Programme “Culture 2007”, co-organisers: Academy of Humanities and Economics in Lodz  (Poland) –  Centre for Professional Training in Culture (Romania)

2010 International Art Camp Dan Platon , Vth edition, Breaza

2010 Elie Wiesel painting camp, „Elie Wiesel” National Institute for the Study of the Holocaust in Romania , 2nd edition, Borsec, Harghita

2005 artist in residence at the Hope University of Art and Performance, Liverpool


Ploiești Art Museum, Romania

Colleciton of Abam Association, Monastir Art Museum, Tunisia

Collection of National Art Gallery of Ruse, Bulgaria

Kiss University of Bhubaneswar, India

Fier Art Gallery, Albania


Romania, Slovakia, Austria, Great Britain, United States of America, Australia, Holland, France, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Tunisia


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Bucharest, Romania

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