For a long time now, I have come to believe that much of sketches I had made in the past (in between 2002-2012) are a subject and material which needs to be digested and re-integrated in a present circuit of creation. The selection of these sketches and the time spent studying them, analyzing them, or just simply observing them, storing them and restauring them, has actually replaced any present creative act with a thorough erasure of memories. Memory  always has a recursive action, its range extends to my current life, it is an intrusion into my life. Reusing these sketches would lead to an inner cleanliness that would give me the opportunity to be reborn in and through my own work. It would not properly be a deletion, but a comprehensive process of reparation and passing of time.       


         Transmographies are intended to be a self-referential system through which I transfer old drawings onto a new surface. Transfers which become a formal linear system  and graphic expression of a personal language. Language through which I represent a formal structural study of Painting manifesting its own limits.


         Linear Transmographies are equivalent with self-referentiality asre-presentation and illustration of the creative process.


         The denomination of transmography  comes from the three words that would compose it: “transfer”, “morph”/“morphology” and “graphy”.


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