The Views of a Glass collages, a forerunner of the Cadmium  paintings, could be under the sign of what Lucian Raicu describes in the book Reflections on the Creative Spirit" "Boredom – critical state par excellence" or"(...) it is about a childhood which isn't to be confounded with innocence; of which was said, with much reason, that it is boring, (...) childhood is not ignorant and irresponsible, far from that; nor the one fixed in time, the one, nor the maintained one, (...) the eternal childhood within us, without which man ceases to be a living man, becoming a boring mechanism, predictable, brutal"

In the Cadmium series I was researching what J. M. Bernstein reffers to in his essay"The glory of pure violence. Matisse's War": J "Pictorially the same suspension of classical drawing that he (Matisse, A/N) has carried out in the dance pictures is already carried out by nature in flowing of vines and leaves, that that kind of vegetable form itself institutes a pictorial line".

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