The basis of "Dust" is consisted of the information coming from reality, which involves two fundamental factors : the rational one and the one. emotional The information is immediately reported to a mental composition. Most of the time, these compositions  have no figurative counterpart in the actual event that determined them, but the created transpositions represent figures at the point of incidence between the anthropomorphic and zoomorphic reelms, sensorially between the humane and the animalic.

      A possible explanation of the above, namely a poetic essentialisation of imagistic intentionality, could be the next imagination exercise: 1) the body descends into the heart of the earth, 2) the body passes through the act of dispersion and melting of putrefaction, 3) the rotten matter is absorbed into the ground, 4) forging a new body, composed of earth and debris of the old rotting flesh. The new body resulted has no bones, no guts, no blood. The organic and inorganic live in a strange anatomy, deliberately distorted. Both inside and out, the new body consists only of dust (in romanian the right word is ŢĂRÂNĂ), occupying a world where kingdoms are merged. The new body has no spirit, but only ersatz (german term for: replacement)without purpose, which mimics the presence of spirit. Lacking purpose, this ersatz cannot fill the body (ie cannot give depth and density the the inside), its only manifestation being that of a locomotive force, which  can only influence its physical movements. Lacking purpose, this ersatz can only haunt and harass the body, subjecting it to a silent, blind and deaf agony. But this pain does not occur through pain or ecstasy, but throughsomethingthat is, yet also that is not pain, through something that it is and yet it is not bliss. Therefore, the body tries to chase away from it this ersatz. Not as if this was anenergy that subjugates the body, but as the expulsion of the acute awareness which the body has for the ersatz living in it. "All is thirst of ersatz and of death that attracts into him" says Pascal Quignard.

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