The installation ‘Come and look. I(t) kicked the bucket. I(t)’M lying there, totally snuffed!’ is part of the In-trigâ project:

It was realised after the call for projects entitled " What about Gregor Samsa ? "(having as landmark the character from Kafka’s “Metamorphosis”), launched by Anca Gallery Poteraşu in 2015 under the curatorship of Ioana Mandeal.

"Come and see (...)" would conjugate itself as a monadology of time, privileging observation, detail, the microformat of the meaninglessness and the temporary and personal subversion of painting.

The public is invited to take one zăerc (What is a zăerc?) from the installation, in order to later photograph it its the new space (public space, inside the apartment, uncertain space, etc.). A zăerc consists of my old clothes or a dear person’s clothes, crammed with household debris, which I have been collecting since 2012. These zăercs were packed in various plastics resulted from consumption (packages from bread, from packed flowers, labels from beer bottles, nylon, plastic bags, garbage bags, sacks from animal foods, frozen food packaging, etc.) and varied in size from around 40 cm to 120 cm. A sculpture that perfects and completes itself through its own disappearance. But a documented disappearance, which also involves the infinite perpetuation of looking: during the exhibition, the photographs received from those who take a zăerc will be exposed in the place of the actual zăercs. The visitors become co-authors. The presented elements make space themselves, become absences and are then replaced during the exhibition through the public’s participation. My desire is to share with others a space for a fixed period of time, the time of the suggested forms leaving room for the forms of time, time as a fourth dimension of art. "To produce time without reproducing it could be the particularity of an assumed effemeral, in a new work of the imaginary, the one of planetary immanence". ("Aesthetics of the Ephemeral" - Christine Buci-Glucksmann)

In a self-referential artistic register which queries the artistic production itself, I adhere to Robert Luhmann's opinion, who says that "the current condition of art is a function of the system that is art and of which it belongs in turn - a system based on the need of self-referentiality. (...) Suffering its own condition, art shows how it is. (...) If the task is precisely to face reality with whatever alternative, then the necessary inspiration and examples cannot be drawn from the reality in question but only from the art itself. "(" The Work of Art and the Self-Reproduction of Art ")

© Maia Oprea 2012