The installation Twentythree was conceived in response to the call for projects Metha-Lan and it was exhibitted within the IIIrd edition of Metha-Lan, The Passage Of Time (Irreversible), which took place at the AnnArt Gallery (September 2015)

The twenty-three photos were taken in the summer of 2013, while passing the Stone Bridge in Skopje, Macedonia, when I captured with the mobile phone a time of initiation, in which a father and a son are preparing to enter (or not ?) the river. I had taken precisely twenty-three photos. They represent a finitude of a moment that can be separated and repeated endlessly, recounted, induced introspectively, a moment without time. To each photo and tablet there is a correspondant citation which I extracted from my readings, the topics chosen for the quotes in relation to this photo series being: TIME. SUBJECT. SPECTATOR. PERCEPTION. The tablets inserted in the bookcase can be touched, looked at, read and purchased.

The photographs are transferred on the tablets using acrylic emulsions. There is a close correlation between the transfers and the support of the tablets on which I transfer, which is made of a very personal material: a mixture of papier mache (obtained by shredding and soaking old books of my family and other recycled paper from the house), vegetal powder (obtained by grinding vegetable peels and dried food debris of what I eat throughout the year), ashes (resulted from doing the fire in the stove over the winter), using an organic binder and allowing the whole to dry in the sun. Old books were thus transformed to rebecome different books, and the ashes of burnt wood is contained within the wood furniture.

© Maia Oprea 2012