“Bucharest, Roadblock” : 2010-2011, «Cosmetic and Politic» (coordinators: Abdelkader Damani, Slimane Rais).

The starting point for this project resided in the daily route I used to take between my place of residence and other places I usually frequented during the time spent in Bucharest, my home town.

While traveling in cities across the world, I realised that this route constantly haunted me. Again this year at Grenoble, city where I have moved for my art studies. I used its formal inscription by tracing it from memory, then superimposed it both to the real scale of this route and also to the itinerary that I used every day during the realisation of this project, that being between the residence of the Rabot and ESAG (l’Ecole Superieure d’Art de Grenoble). This superposition was realised using Google Earth and had as unique central landmark my two places of residence (current and previous ones).

     Walking on this newly created itinerary ( mixing private and public spaces altogether), I taped all the elements that were the subject of my own fictive territory. 


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