"Lining" is a group work based mainly on one of my old projects, “Bucharest, Roadblock”, a journey in which I used transparent tape, pasting through public and private spaces as well. This time too, the tape is used to make a kind of drawing in space, a drawing that seeks light strokes or which allows light to be traced. 

We considered creating a flexible, ephemeral monument, as opposed to the historical space of the Aubette (a historical monument in Strasbourg, artistically, the Aubette housed one of the most ambitious programs carried out by the avant-garde of the 1920s, to the point that the most enthusiastic commentators call the building “The Sixtine Chapel of modern art"), but keeping the idea of repetition of geometric shapes. I thought of a rather strange connection with the presence of chairs and tables throughout the central aisle of the Cine-Dancing, leading to a cinema screen. This space, as well as that of the School of Architecture of Strasbourg where we presented our project, is radically different from any other conventional exhibition space or a contemporary white cube. It is precisely this difference that we wanted to interrogate, realising with economy of means an installation - using only the objects that were already in the space (that being: tables) and transparent tape. We then filmed the creation process of this installation until its disapearance. The sound does not purport to be an illustration of the visual, but it demonstrates our thinking processes and documentation on the project in question, dialogues with artist David Diao which had as subjects very different concepts (time, erasure, the art market, money, etc..), as well as simply our good humour, a bit against the rigidity imposed by a space such as the Aubette. 

The video of this performance was consequently shown in the same space of its realisation, without any trace of the installation being kept other than the “Lining”  video. What interested me most was how the visitors could become co-present at this action within a sensitive area.


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