On the 12th of May 2014 I went up to Struthof, the site of the former concentration camp of Natzwiller.

I focused on the place where the sky and the earth meet, not as a limit of the sight, but as opening to the void.

A "pure potentiality, the horizon suggests an extreme disjunction between the eye and the body,

material for thought or daydreaming, but referring in the last instance to our condition as beings hopelessly located. "( " Chimerical Horizon " , Jean -Pierre Criqui )

It was raining. It was therefore also about painting the 'in-between' air and water, losing all horizong in favor of a water plane, of a substantial void.

" Because it is a distant without place, the horizon is everywhere and nowhere at the same time, different according to places but identical in structure "

(" The Aesthetics of Ephemera" , Christine Buci-Glucksmann ) . The horizon that I was painting in white acrylic on a large linen kept vanishing with the pouring rain. I wanted to capture the sensible vibration of time, all that which is in-between and can escape the presence of the present.

The photographs and videos were thought of as ephemerals.

I wanted to mark the presence of those with whom I was on that day at Struthof.


The photographs below are chosen (from a total of 77 photos) and titled by them, the rest of the photos remaining untitled.



© Maia Oprea 2012